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Costa Rica, Travel to, Living in, Moving to, Relocating to, Owning Real Estate in, Retiring in, Living in Costa Rica is possible and within your reach. Yes you are Welcome in Costa Rica.
                                              Something About Blue Jewel Travel and Costa Rica.

We are proud to say that we worked with Christopher Howard for over 16 years now.
Christopher Howard is the well known author of retirement guides to Central America. Christopher Howard is Costa Rica's most read author on living and retiring in Costa Rica. He has resided in the country for over 30 years and is a Costa Rican citizen. It is not surprising that he has first-hand knowledge and insight into all aspect of Costa Rica's culture, economy, language and its people. Costa Rica is a unique tropical retirement paradise which offers inexpensive living and retirement; affordable first-world medical care for retirees; the opportunity to start over; lots of great outdoor sports for retirees; every imaginable activity for Boomers, or soon to be Boomers, retirees and other expats to stay busy and happy; stunning scenery with sun-soaked, beautiful beaches and spectacular mountains.

Add to all this a peaceful nation with political stability and year round spring-like weather in the Central Valley, the friendly people who actually like Americans and it is easy to see why Costa Rica has become tops on the list of expatriate and Baby Boomer retirement havens. More Americans live and retire here per capita than any other country outside of the United States. They can’t be wrong!

Mary de Waal is the owner of Blue Jewel Travel and de Waal Realty, both are divisions of LOHDAC, INC. As a California Real Estate Broker based in San Diego  Mary is able to provide you excellent references both for your real estate needs state side and or in Costa Rica.

We can answer your questions, concerns for your upcoming trip to Costa Rica. If we don't  have the answers, we will try to find your answer.

We also handle the distribution of all of Christopher Howards retirement guides. (See Below) Yes we still have some in paperback format.  There are a lot of different venues that offer tours to Costa Rica. We are of the opinion that to see if you like the country you should spend some time there. The relocation tour is the first contact with Costa Rica and you will see the country and experience it trough different eyes then a tourist. Tourist come and go, you would like more information! delf deeper into the culture! see the areas that people talk about for yourself! not letting others make your choice. No high pressure sale pitches to "buy now" or it is gone, no we would prefer you rent a home, apartment, condo, estate, or something you can feel at home in, for let say 3-6 months. Then after living in the country, and experiencing the culture now you can say, I am ready to buy my own home, condo, estate, coffee plantation or the purchase you can feel good about. You can read a lot about Costa Rica, but to learn about Costa Rica meant you have to be there to experience the country and the culture.

Please note; Tour information

Air Fare is not included with any tour. You need to arrange your own air fare to Costa Rica.
Private Consultations are Available.
Pre-tour phone consultation, Chris will call you before the trip to answer your last minute questions.
Post tour assistance. We will probably call you and ask for your input on the trip, and yes we will ask you if you like to relocate to Costa Rica.We work with Licensed Real Estate agents, and we have them ready for you to answer all questions regarding buying or renting, real estate in Costa Rica.

So why take a Christopher Howard Retirement/Relocation Tour?
All Tours include:
* This is the ONLY retirement tour that was fully licensed and APPROVED by the Costa Rica Government and Tourism Institute  (ICT) in 2004.
 * Tours are ENDORSED and RECOMMENDED by the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR)
* On the tour you will actually see what it is like to live here.
* Smaller is better! More on the ground experience, more personal hands-on attention and in-depth information than larger international retirement organizations to meet your specific needs.
* A valuable two-day seminar by the ARCR with local experts in their respective fields. You won’t want to do without it!
* Private Phone Consult with Christopher Howard prior to your arrival to talk about your personal needs and concerns.
* A valuable packet of written materials with insider information
* Airport pick up and drop off
* Hotel stay for however as many nights your tour is
* Most meals (75% of meals are covered.  We give you a couple of free nights in San José to try some of the great local restaurants we recommend). The food on the tour is absolutely delicious as past participants will attest to.
* Rental Properties to be viewed (when available) + contacts to help you find rentals
* Comfortable Air conditioned mini bus
* Private driver and bus so that Christopher can devote 100% of his attention to giving you the best possible tour and you specific needs
* A follow up phone consultation, if needed.
* Tours conducted by Christopher Howard a 32 year citizen of Costa Rica and Costa Rica’s most read author and expert on retirement and living in Costa Rica.
* By the time the tour is over you should know if Costa Rica is for you and if it is you will have all of the contacts and information to make the move successfully and seamlessly.

Call us Toll free; (800) 365-2342  Pacific Standard Time

Buy all 3

The Golden Door       $14.95
Guide to Real Estate $14.95
Costa Rican Spanish         $9.95
Total      $39.85
Special. $35.00
Free Shipping USA
$14.95 With Free USA Shipping

16th Edition.
This guidebook was published to help people of all ages and budgets move to Costa Rica successfully. Chris Howard has resided in the country for over 30 years and is a Costa Rican citizen. "People who read this book before coming here often know more about Costa Rica than many long- term residents, according to the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR)."
Please ask about the next available Relocation tours.
(800) 365-2342
$14.95 With Free USA Shipping

This 544-page guidebook was written under the auspices of Christopher Howard, Costa Rica's most read authority on living, retirement and investment in the country.  It is not surprising that he has first-hand knowledge and insight into all aspect of Costa Rica's culture, economy, language and its people.  Please ask about the next available relocation tours.
(800) 365-2342
$9.95 With Free USA Shipping

An innovative one-of-a-kind pocket-size guidebook  for Costa Rican-style Spanish.  It is specifically written and designed for travelers and above all English-speaking residents of the country to learn the nuances of the local language. This guide is the only source for Costa Rican slang and expressions (tiquismos) in English. Readers should not expect a complete course in learning the Spanish Language nor a textbook but a PRACTICAL introduction to Costa Rican-style Spanish. Please ask about the next available tours. (800) 365-2342
$35 With Free USA Shipping
Buy all and receive a discount.
The Golden Door       $14.95
Guide to Real Estate $14.95
Costa Rican Spanish $9.95
Total Special.           $35.00
Free Shipping

To purchase the books in E-book format please follow the link above for details and shopping card

For information on our tours please call us. Pacific standard time.
(800) 365-2342(800) 365-2342 FREE

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